If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

A few visits ago, New Guy had me pinned down on my bed, running his fingers down my ribcage, telling me that next time I visited him, we’d be using the handcuffs. Real ones, not those cutesy fur-lined ones that look so comfy you could wear them everyday. I asked if I might wear something on my wrists under the cuffs, to avoid leaving marks? He said yes, I may.

Very much looking forward to this, I was a bit let down on my arrival to be told his teenage daughter would be home that night, so no cuffs. We kept our playtime as quiet as possible (which for me is a stretch) and all was well. Next visit to my place found us dealing with my two kids plus others visiting, and then my period arrived. Not a fan of sex during my off-time, I did consent to some blood sport, but it was just as messy as I remembered it to be, and New Guy had to be content with blow jobs for the rest of the weekend. Let it be noted that he did not complain.

Between work, school, kids and other distractions that come up, we’ve had to push a few play ideas to the side for a while. The intimately tender sex we share during the times of enforced quiet is enjoyable, but we both long for the more energetic, meaty side of things. Finding and exploring our mutual and primarily untapped interest in BDSM has increased our desire for more, but life gets in the way, at least for now.

As devorcees of a certain age with teenagers nearly ready to leave the nest, neither of us has a ticking biological clock or the need for more babies. We long to be empty nesters, happy to welcome kids and (eventually) grandkids back for visits, but able to be creative, noisy, messy, and just plain enjoy our sexual playtime when and how we want to in our own home.

Now I’m looking forward to a week without him, as he tends to finals for school and will be caring for his aging mother in another city. I could be upset about it, but instead find myself looking forward to emailing him every day and coming up with more ideas we can work on when he gets back. Sometimes the tease is what makes the release that much better. I don’t know if he sees it quite that way, but I know I’ll be enjoying it.

He’s so much fun when he’s demanding.